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A Rolex, A Story – Sylvia Earle

Internationally renowned marine biologist, Sylvia Earle, has been a pioneer of ocean exploration for more than 40 years. She is concerned about the fragile marine ecological environment, and her global Project, Mission Blue, has also succeeded in arousing public awareness of the need to conserve and protect the oceans. She believes that time and life are fleeting in haste and therefore she calls for everyone to make a change. Sylvia Earle’s Rolex watch is not only a good companion in her exploration, but also has a deep-seated meaning.


“Diving into the ocean, what I yearn for the most is its endless possible ways of exploration , each journey will for sure gain something.”


When I became a scientist, I loved to explore the ocean through diving, scuba diving, and living underwater, and the joy of personal exploration was a big motivation at the time. Now I am not only focused on personal exploration, but also wish to encourage others to explore the ocean. As long as more people can experience the ocean in person, witness the beautiful but fragile side of the blue sea and aware of our influence on it, we will continue to survive for a long time. Every day, time and life are fleeting. We must always remember the value of life, when you understand that you can make changes in your lifetime, why not push forward the society and make the world a better place?

A Rolex A Story - Sylvia Earle
A Rolex A Story – Sylvia Earle

Many watches are regarded as jewellery accessories, and for explorers, they are simply timekeeping tools. However, I think my watch has a deeper meaning. The concept of Rolex is lofty, not only to provide support for exploration, conservation and art projects, but also to contribute to human welfare. For me, wearing a Rolex is symbolic, and if you are also concerned about those issues, wearing it means that you identify with this concern.

Rolex has lofty ideals, not only not only to provide support for exploration, conservation and art projects, but also to contribute to human welfare

In the early 1980s, I was diving with my close friends in the Florida Keys, and I saw my close friend wearing a wrist watch, pointing at her wrist watch and shaking her arm, and I mistook her for forgetting to remove her watch, but she smiled at me instead. It was only later I knew it was a Rolex watch that was suitable for diving. Its waterproof properties are not limited to the depth of our dive at that time, it can cope with even deeper waters with ease. In addition, the watch can be paired with banquet dresses and worn even when it rains or when bathing. I soon decided to buy a watch, and since then it was inseparable with me, at every time in every place I always wear the wrist watch, I feel it goes with me all the time, and guides me . Then I went to buy a Rolex watch that belonged to me.

Now, the Rolex is still on my hands, and every time I see it I think it’s been with me around the world, including the North and South Poles, the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, the bottom of Pacific Ocean , and more than 30 submersible explorations. I have worn it and spoken before the U.N. representatives and met the influential people, such as the President of the United States, members of Congress and heads of State.

“The watch has been accompanying me for decades. It was inseparable with me, at every time in every place I always wear the wrist watch, I feel it goes with me all the time, and guides me”

When do you think is the most important moment in your life? That moment may yet await your search and pursue. As long as I live, I will continue to explore. When people ask me, “Do you still dive?” I will answer, “I am still alive.” ”

A Rolex A Story - Sylvia Earle
A Rolex A Story – Sylvia Earle

Sylvia Earle’s Watch – classic Oyster Perpetual Women’s Datejust Steel Watch

The Rolex oyster case has always been the synonym to classic, At the 2017 Basel Fair, Rolex unveiled the classic Oyster Perpetual Women’s Datejust Steel Watch, at the fair, the Rolex also launched a variety of faces for this model for the choice of watch fans, the newly unveiled  women’s Datejust case has been redesigned, the diameter was increased to 28 mm, more suitable for women’s Daily wear (model: m279160-0014).

The oyster case, which is the classic design of Rolex, refers to the design of the integrated molding case, the screw-in bottom cover and head invented by the Rolex. Why is this design called “Oyster”, because such a craft is known in English as “oyster”, which also means “oysters, fresh oysters”. Simply put, the structure is different from welded watch ear, pressed bottom cap and inserted head, and it also symbolizes the strength and waterproofness of the Rolex Oyster perpetual watch – just like an “oyster”. In fact, in the passage of time, Rolex explained to us what is “eternal” with its unquestionable qualities. This design, since its invention, has still been used in modern Rolex watches.

A Rolex A Story - Sylvia Earle
A Rolex A Story – Sylvia Earle

Classic —– Rolex Datejust model

Whether be it timeless aesthetic elements or practical functions, Rolex Datejust are examples of classic watch. From the aesthetic point of view, the different models of the datejust watch, after years of testing , still retain the original aesthetic elements, and they also become the most famous and most recognizable wrist watches in the history.

Eternality—– certified by outstanding Observatory

This Women’s Datejust Steel model was certified by the Outstanding Observatory Certification won by Rolex in 2015. This unique title proves that the watch has successfully passed a series of tests at Rolex Laboratories, and its standards even surpassed the average level and standard of the watchmaking industry. The watch is assembled before being tested to ensure that the watch is able to exercise an excellent performance in aspect of timekeeping, power reserve, waterproofness and automatic winding. The green seal is a symbol of the excellent observatory chronometer watch, which is stamped on every Rolex watch and is supported by a global five-year warranty.

Perpetuation —– 2236 perpetual movement

By Searching in the search engine for Replica Rolex, I have found a new continent, I checked it for a long time, finally I bought a women’s datejust watch for my girlfriend, and she did not know it was a replica, even her friends did not, it is so good that I share it with you.



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